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Kim Døfler, Growth Hacker based in Copenhagen

A brief intro...

I am Holistic Business Developer.

Have been programming since 2007. Took a Bachelor degree in Business Development Engineering. Spent the past five years specialising in marketing and growth.

Today I help companies improve their Websites and Marketing to get more Customers and generate more Predictable Revenue.

Curious? Read more about me.

On this page you will find my blog were I share my learnings and opinions.

Hope you find it useful in your entrepreneurial journey.

Learn about Social Media

How to get more Likes on Facebook Posts

Here is my list of easy to implement tips for creating engaging content for Facebook. Engagement is paramount for both organic and paid reach on any social media platform. So grab a coffee and learn how to make your Facebook…
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Create a Facebook Audience - Simple Steps to Better Ad Targeting

I am going to teach you secrets that can save you a lot of money advertising on Facebook. You will learn how to set up effective audiences for your Facebook ads. The most successful e-commerce and SaaS businesses use these…
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Facebook Targeting Options Reference

This reference was last updated 1st of April 2018. Are you doing facebook marketing then you have come to the right place. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. This makes facebook advertising a great starting point…
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Mentions by nice people 

Learn about Life Hacking

Set yourself up for Success - Make it a Habit to Win

Thursday, 11:52 AM April 6, 2017 Dear Reader I just finished my breakfast an hour ago. I know it is late, but today I did something different. This morning I went for a morning run. Why did I do that? Well,…
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How to use Trello for Innovation Management

If you are anything like me, you are constantly thinking about a new idea. All you want to do is to go buy that new domain, hook it up to a VPS and set up a high-performing website and claim all…
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Everybody Wants Success, but What Is It?

We all want a successful life, career, and startup, but most of us don’t really think about what success means to us. If you ask a startup founder if he will be successful, he will, of course, say YES. If…
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Mentions by nice people 

Learn about Growth Hacking

5 Tips for Selling more in your Online Shop

So, you set up a website and upload all your products and write SEO-awesome product descriptions. You post the link to your website on BetaList, ProductHunt, and Reddit. You write a private post on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You…
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The interest for growth hacking keeps increasing

Growth hacking marketing Since 2010, when Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacker" the field has gained a lot of interest. This can clearly be seen in this graph of google searches for "growth hacker".   It seems like especially France, have a great…
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What is Growth Hacking?

What does Growth Hacking Mean? Growth Hacking Means Amplifying the Outcome of Your Efforts There is a common misunderstanding that Growth Hacking will solve all of a startup’s problems and will generate rapid growth and revenue. This is far from…
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