Who is Kim Døfler?

Kim Døfler is an Online Marketer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Love making Prototypes

One of the most efficient and effective communication tools in product development is prototypes. With a prototype, you can easily show a customer or a coworker how the end product should work. Kim has made many prototypes within software development. Designing prototypes demand great insight into the value that the final product should deliver. This demands an insight into the end user and the available technologies. Making prototypes requires that you can turn a design into something “real”. Kim uses his business and strategic knowledge and his full stack coding skills to make fully functioning prototypes (when needed).

Open Source makes a difference

Kim believes that one of our most important responsibilities as humans is to help each other and to share knowledge. Open Sourcing code is an easy way to help other people do their work better, faster, and easier. This makes them able to help other people. When Kim creates something which other people can benefit from and he feels it is smarter to set it free than to make a business around it, he shares it online. Check out his GitHub repositories and his recent project sheetstweets.com.

Read more about sheetstweets in this the article, Why I built my own Twitter automation tool.


Growth hacking amplifies value creation

A working, valuable product with no users is one of the saddest things for a team of makers. Kim would like to see any idea that creates substantial value to gain traction and lots of it. Implementing new features, A/B testing, using subtle tricks, and carefully thought out strategies, lets Kim bring services and products to market in creative ways. Kim hunts down a public list of leads, set up a nano-targeted Facebook audience, program an automated social media posting framework, whatever it takes to make people get to experience the value of the product.

To learn more about growth hacking, read my article, Growth Hacking Means Amplifying the Outcome of Your Efforts. Some people thinks that it is just a buzzword, but there is an increasing interest for growth hacking.


Well crafted UX and UI is important

Everything humans do, we do to solve a problem or to get an experience and often we would like to have a good experience even though we are solving a problem. By carefully planing an app, a website, a product etc. you can optimize the end user’s flow through the interface and thereby make it a positive memorable experience. Kim makes great user experiences by caring for details around the onboarding and overall experience. The sooner the user grasps what value the service adds to their life, the better the user experience.

Kim did landing page design for the startup, Mindshift. Here you see three versions. In the end, the one on the right was selected. Kim turned the design into HTML and CSS, check out the result mindshift.co



Data and algorithms are sources of scalable knowledge

Kim has done a great amount of work with modeling, setting up, and programming of databases. Data is the foundation of all communication, whether that be static pre-written text or dynamic user generated content. Data can either overwhelm the end user or empower them with more insight and knowledge. Kim enjoys working with complex data sets and turning them into actionable insights that users or companies can use to make better decisions. Making use of data from one system in another is one of Kim’s specialties. A common request is to take stock information from Microsoft C5, Navision or similar, transform the data, and transfer it into WordPress and Woocommerce. All in real-time with no manual interaction from an admin.



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Kim Døfler

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