Why I built my own Twitter automation tool

I’m sure you’ve tried growing a social media audience for your company or for yourself. So you know how time-consuming it can be.

Often it is also just a lot of repetitive and boring work that you don’t really care about doing. This is how I feel at least.

What I do care about though is sharing useful content with people I think will benefit from it.

Last spring I was reading a lot of articles on Medium. I would spend time sharing many of them on Twitter. I would make sure to get the most audience growth per share. By mentioning influencers, personalizing the text, and adding relevant tags. It really worked for me. I got a lot more engagement per tweet than I usually would.

But then I got tired of crafting and posting these tweets manually.

So I started looking for alternatives. The options I found were expensive and targeted bigger companies.

At some point, I came up with the idea that I could use a combination of IFTTT (the automation service) and Google Spreadsheets to handle and input and add custom stuff on top of it to personalize it.

I played around with the Medium channel on IFTTT and Google Spreadsheets. Every time I recommended something on Medium my setup would post automatically on Twitter.

This breakthrough made me believe I could do more. I made the spreadsheet automatically scrape Medium to find the author’s username and the article’s tags. Based on this I could add even more info to the tweet.

Finally, I want to highlight the importance of personalization. I didn’t want the tweets to seem like it was posted by a robot. So I made a few different tweet templates and made sure to use a few emojis. Every time it would post, it would pick a different template and make it seem human 🤖😇.

The result was overwhelming. I got much more engagement than I was used to and the only thing I had to do was recommend on Medium (click the heart button).

Sheetstweets in action

(Sheetstweets in action
. Thank you for being my guinea pig Justin Jackson 🙏)

Since then I have shown it to a few people and all of them had a similar reaction: “how the heck do you do that?” Following this, they usually added, “you should make a guide on how to do that stuff in Google Spreadsheets”.

At first, I thought I had to make a comprehensive video course explaining in detail how each of the formulas in the spreadsheet works.

Then it occurred to me that it would be much more useful to the majority of people if I just shared the whole finished setup and made a few videos explaining how to configure it for themselves. So that is what I did.

Check it out on

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