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5 Tips for Selling more in your Online Shop

So, you set up a website and upload all your products and write SEO-awesome product descriptions. You post the link to your website on BetaList, ProductHunt, and Reddit. You write a private post on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You even write personally to all your closest friends and your mom! You are intensely following […]

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The interest for growth hacking keeps increasing

Growth hacking marketing Since 2010, when Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacker" the field has gained a lot of interest. This can clearly be seen in this graph of google searches for "growth hacker".   It seems like especially France, have a great interest in growth hacking. Based on this comparison table, France has almost three times as […]

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What is Growth Hacking?

What does Growth Hacking Mean? Growth Hacking Means Amplifying the Outcome of Your Efforts There is a common misunderstanding that Growth Hacking will solve all of a startup’s problems and will generate rapid growth and revenue. This is far from the truth in most cases, but it can certainly be part of the truth in […]

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