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Fail Story: The Awkward Silence of Launching into Nothingness

I felt like the world was against me. I know it was my own fault. It is already quite some years ago. In 2011, I made my first app. I  was reading about people making millions of dollars from tiny iPhone apps. "I could do that." I thought to myself. So I went out and […]

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Set yourself up for Success - Make it a Habit to Win

Thursday, 11:52 AM April 6, 2017 Dear Reader I just finished my breakfast an hour ago. I know it is late, but today I did something different. This morning I went for a morning run. Why did I do that? Well, last night I read all 25 chapters of the Boron Letters. What are those you […]

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How to use Trello for Innovation Management

If you are anything like me, you are constantly thinking about a new idea. All you want to do is to go buy that new domain, hook it up to a VPS and set up a high-performing website and claim all those social media profiles. This can be really exciting, but it can also be difficult […]

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Everybody Wants Success, but What Is It?

We all want a successful life, career, and startup, but most of us don’t really think about what success means to us. If you ask a startup founder if he will be successful, he will, of course, say YES. If he didn’t believe he would have success, why would he be working 70 hours a […]

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Why Having Cake at the Office Kills Innovation

...And How Electrocuting Yourself Makes You More Productive TL;DR The cognitive effort you have to put into saying no to cake can kill your ability to innovate and most probable you already experience decision fatigue because of the efforts avoiding checking your phone at work. ... A few days ago I was browsing Product Hunt […]

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Design your own future

Take risks and get the life you deserve I would like to remind you a thing, I keep reminding myself and the people I’m surrounded by. That you have great influence on how your future is going to be. You can, to a great extent, design your own future life. Where do you want to […]

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