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Facebook Page Likes - Quick Hack to convert Posts likes into Page Likes

Some time ago I had an interesting talk with a Startup founder. He and his team are absolutely crushing it on Facebook (see below). Previously, their Facebook page just had organic growth. But leading up to an event, they wanted some serious traction on their Facebook page. They grew their like count by more than […]

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How to get more Likes on Facebook Posts

Here is my list of easy to implement tips for creating engaging content for Facebook. Engagement is paramount for both organic and paid reach on any social media platform. So grab a coffee and learn how to make your Facebook posts go viral using these steps. How Facebook pick which Posts that go Viral People […]

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Create a Facebook Audience - Simple Steps to Better Ad Targeting

I am going to teach you secrets that can save you a lot of money advertising on Facebook. You will learn how to set up effective audiences for your Facebook ads. The most successful e-commerce and SaaS businesses use these strategies to get higher conversion rate and sell more using Facebook. When you set up […]

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Facebook Targeting Options Reference

This reference was last updated 1st of April 2018. Are you doing facebook marketing then you have come to the right place. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. This makes facebook advertising a great starting point when you want to reach new customers. When you set up your campaigns on Facebook […]

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Why I built my own Twitter automation tool

I’m sure you’ve tried growing a social media audience for your company or for yourself. So you know how time-consuming it can be. Often it is also just a lot of repetitive and boring work that you don’t really care about doing. This is how I feel at least. What I do care about though […]

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Simple Content Marketing Ideas - One Rule, Add Value

You can gain a social media following without having to post, create, or share pointless, stupid, or trendy things. Here is how to drive real engagement with your business. You get real engagement when you create value in people's lives. Think about what sort of things you follow on your own social media accounts. They […]

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