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Latest updated March 30, 2019

Take risks and get the life you deserve

I would like to remind you a thing, I keep reminding myself and the people I’m surrounded by. That you have great influence on how your future is going to be.

You can, to a great extent, design your own future life.

  • Where do you want to live
  • What do you want to spend your life doing
  • Which friends do you make an effort to keep close

… and so on.

If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals. — Brian Tracy

You are the boss of you

Yet still many people let themselves become victims of external forces. Many people are passive bystanders of their own life. They experience life as they would watch a TV show.

Somebody made the manuscript and the only thing you can do is to react to the things you experience.

This is far from the reality. In my opinion, you can and should write your own manuscript.

Try to make decisions that help you go along the path that leads to your desired future.

Easier written than done

The path ahead might seem daunting… or exciting depending on your mindset!

There can be many things holding you back.

Maybe you do not feel confident that you will succeed in making your dreams come to life. You would rather avoid pursuing your dream than risk facing possible failure.

You might not have the money it takes to buy your dream island or something third.

Some people are less fortunate with their starting point. Economic standpoint, personal skillset and several other important factors.

But the way we choose to deal with these barriers to success is what makes a difference.

Every time you make a decision, you are living and designing your future.

If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not making decisions. — Catherine Cook

Set a “destination”

Find out what you would like your future to look like.

That is a lot easier written than done, but nonetheless an important question to ask yourself.

When you start imagining your future it makes planning the road to get there a lot easier.

If you are going to ask yourself life-changing questions, be sure to do something with the answers. — Bo Bennett

Seize opportunities

Sometimes we cannot imagine the greatness we can experience and thus aim for less.

The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. — Benjamin Disraeli

That is ok, but stay open to people reaching out to you and keep reassessing your vision for the future.

Keep trying new things and reinvent yourself. This is a great way, to expand your view of your own opportunities.

Take action, remember you are the boss

Do it now

A man writing on a small piece of paper next to a laptop

Grab a pen

  • Draw your future house, office, products you will launch etc.
  • Set some objectives and key results (how much money you will earn, how many books you will read, how many people you will help etc.)
  • Write a letter from a 10 year older you to the present you

Don’t worry about your future
It is amazing here and that thing you worried about, that ended up being nothing.
Have an amazing day and give your dog a hug and a high five
Love from your future self

Take risks and avoid boredom

some kind of chipmunk looking over the top of a mountain

Remember that your future holds the result of the risks you take today.

  • So, take a lot of risks
  • Make a lot of mistakes
  • Learn from them
  • Get smarter

If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough. — Mario Andretti

Make it happen now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a loser’s excuse. — Andrew Fashion

Key takeaways

  1. Be the boss of your own life, don’t let others decide your destiny
  2. Design your future life, start drawing now!
  3. Don’t wait up, start now
  4. NOW

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