1. Spy on your competition and learn how they use Facebook Pixels

You can use the Facebook Pixel Helper for Google Chrome, to check if your website is tracking correctly.

You can also use it to see what data any site tracks, which means you can check what your competitors are tracking on their different landing pages.

Try putting something in the basket, check out, and buy something. Pay attention to what sort of things they track, and try imagining how they use it later, in their ads.

Get the tool here

2. Make lookalike audiences

To make high-converting audiences for your campaigns, you should make Facebook help you find the right people to see the ads.

Facebook has a feature called lookalike audiences.

This feature creates an audience of people on Facebook who is similar to people in one of your existing audiences.

If you make the lookalike audience based on visitors, who bought something on your website you will get a new audience that potentially would love to buy your products as well.

All you need to make your custom audience is the email addresses of your existing customers or install the Facebook Pixel to track when new purchases take place.

3. Make better lookalike audiences

If you already make lookalike audiences but don’t feel like they work, maybe it is because your custom audience is too small.

Facebook recommends making lookalike audiences based on audiences with between 1,000 and 50,000 people.

If you have a smaller webshop or are doing more premium B2B, then you don’t have enough data for Facebook to draw significant conclusions and find similar people.

To make better audiences, all you need to do is to make a bigger custom audience.

You can do that by moving up the funnel and base it on high-purchase-intent people who haven’t bought yet.

How do you know if people have high purchase intent?

  • Visitors who filled out a form
  • Visitors who put something in the basket
  • Visitors who went to the checkout page
  • Visitors who checkout shipping options

Combining these groups of people you will have a much bigger audience.

You can make this audience using Facebook Pixel.

Even if the group of people is higher in the funnel, it will still make sense to let Facebook use them as the input for their algorithms.

In the end, you will end up having a much higher converting audience.

I hope these hacks gave you some new marketing super powers.

If you need help setting this up for your company, let me know.

And if you need some inspiration to how you can target your audiences even further and make sub audiences, you can check out my complete reference of facebook targeting options.

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