Facebook Page Likes - Quick Hack to convert Posts likes into Page Likes

Some time ago I had an interesting talk with a Startup founder.

He and his team are absolutely crushing it on Facebook (see below).

Previously, their Facebook page just had organic growth.

But leading up to an event, they wanted some serious traction on their Facebook page.

They grew their like count by more than 30% in one week (Four-digit like count).

I asked him, "what did you do to get so many Facebook Page likes?"

For one week they did the following:

  • Invite all the friends they possible could
  • Have several admin accounts invite
  • Post minimum 2 times a day (Cool photos)
  • Boost the posts with a maximum of 40 USD
    (Each of these posts would get up to 10K likes!!!)
  • And now for the HACK: They would invite ALL the people who liked the post to like their page.

Let me explain in detail.

How to invite people who liked your post to also like your Facebook page

  1. Go to the post
  2. Click the names of the people who liked
  3. A window will pop up
  4. Next, to the names of all the people there will be a button
  5. If it says "Invite", you can go ahead and invite the person

This is super simple. However, it can be very time consuming.

The good news is that this process can be automated with a line of JavaScript.

Open up the window of people who liked your post:

  1. Scroll a few times to make sure you have some people who haven't liked yet
  2. Open up the Chrome Developer console (ALT + CMD + J)
  3. Insert this Script (see below)
  4. Hit Enter


Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("a[ajaxify*=\\/pages\\/post_like_invite\\/send\\/][ajaxify*=ref\\=likes_dialog]")).slice(0,100).forEach(link =>;


The timing of these invites is crucial.

The guy I talked to, explained that they had to experiment a bit and found out:

  • Invite the liker within 30 minutes of liking for a conversion rate of approx. 15%.
  • Invite the liker within the same day of liking for a conversion rate of approx. 5%.
  • Invite later that this and the conversion rate falls right to the floor.

So keep, again, this could be automated or you can hire a VA (Virtual Assistant).


When you hit the limits

Facebook has obviously limited how many you can invite this way.

This is a timed limit which means that if you wait a while, you can invite again.

To get around this limit you need to use several different Facebook profiles (page admins).

Each person has their own invite-limit. Invite a couple of friends to be admin and keep inviting...

Smart people tell me that you need to keep inviting under 100 people per day. I guess that is good to keep in mind



Kim Døfler

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