You can gain a social media following without having to post, create, or share pointless, stupid, or trendy things. Here is how to drive real engagement with your business.

You get real engagement when you create value in people’s lives.
Think about what sort of things you follow on your own social media accounts.
They provide you with some kind of value. This value can take many forms, for example:
– Educational content that helps you achieve a certain goal
– Motivational content that gets you going
– A joke that makes you laugh and loosen up
– Etc.

If you are offering a product or service and you want people to be aware of that and engage in a conversation around it, you need to start that conversation.

If you can show people how to do better by using your offering, it will give them some kind of value.

You don’t need to share pointless pieces of content!

Find out what your customers are talking about and find out what questions they might have concerning your service.

  • Write some short tutorials on how to use your product.
  • Make a video of how they can do a certain thing with your product.
  • Share a screenshot of an awesome use case of your product.
  • Ask your customers a question.

Be open and try to help them.
That will drive authentic engagement and make you look caring and professional.

If you find it difficult to come up with content for your specific niche, maybe you can find inspiration in some standard topics for discussion.
Many mainstream content creators come up with content around one of the following topics: HEALTH, WEALTH, or WISE.
Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.