Facebook Ads: B2C vs B2B

Facebook is for B2C, Linkedin for B2B, right?


I get asked this question often.

I tell people to stop thinking like that.

Instead, consider that all people live both professional and personal lives.

Sometimes they will be hanging out on Linkedin, other times on Facebook.

You need to be where they are.

You can use Facebook for priming your B2B customers before calling them.

There are endless possibilities to leverage each social platform.


B2B and B2C objectify people.

I tell my clients to communicate Human2Human.

Stop pitching to people.

Be authentic.

Add more personality to your communication.

More humor, even a GIF.

An emoji.

People live busy lives.

You have an opportunity.

You can be a happy moment.

You will stand out in a boring inbox or LinkedIn feed.

And remember.

Add value.



Kim Døfler

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Kim helps companies get more leads using growth hacks and optimise their websites to get more conversions.

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