The interest for growth hacking keeps increasing

Growth hacking marketing

Since 2010, when Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacker" the field has gained a lot of interest. This can clearly be seen in this graph of google searches for "growth hacker".


It seems like especially France, have a great interest in growth hacking. Based on this comparison table, France has almost three times as many searches for growth hacking than the US.



Growth hacker jobs

The interest for hiring Growth Hackers also seems to keep increasing. Particularly the startup industry has a sharp focus on growth hackers. The job section on AngelList provides easy access to job opportunities.

How to become a growth hacker

There is no traditional education yet for becoming a growth hacker. Since growth hacking is about balancing efforts in marketing and product development in a way the results in increased growth, it also demands certain skills from the growth hacker. Since no education exists, the best approach is to take on a Growth hacker marketing course or a few courses on Data analysis, Web analytics, Social media marketing, and related fields which might aid you as a growth hacker.

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