How to get more Likes on Facebook Posts

Latest updated February 2, 2024

Here is my list of easy to implement tips for creating engaging content for Facebook.

Engagement is paramount for both organic and paid reach on any social media platform.

So grab a coffee and learn how to make your Facebook posts go viral using these steps.

How Facebook pick which Posts that go Viral

People publish millions of posts on Facebook every day.

Facebook's finest mission is to make sure that only the relevant stuff gets to the masses.

They identify the best content by showing it to a small sample of one's audience.

If the post gets interactions or engagement, Facebook expands the audience and show it to more people:

  • Hovered the post
  • Clicked the "read more" button
  • Commented on the post
  • Liked the post
  • Saved the post
  • Shared the post

Leave a cliffhanger above the "Read more" button

If you write your content in a way that starts a sentence or simply hint a conclusion but carries on after the "read more" link it will nudge people to click the "read more" which is one of Facebook's indicators that the post is interesting.

Examples could be:

  • "Then this happened...",
  • "This changed everything..." etc.

Getting comments on posts is important

A comment is said to have 6 times the weight of a like in Facebook's algorithm.

Therefore it is important for you to make it natural to leave a comment on your post.

Start by making the post conversational and then use one of these techniques:

  • Be provocative
  • Be controversial
  • Be inspiring
  • Be helpful
  • Be praising
  • Ask questions
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Ask for feedback
  • Ask for ideas

Another great way to get comments is to suggest that people have to write a particular comment and like the post to get a freebie.

For example "Hit the like button and write 'loved it' in the comments to get a full version of this guide".

Then set up a chatbot to deliver the asset as a message or get a VA to send the assets by chat.

With comments, it is important to keep it light and easy. Ask for:

  • one word
  • one sentence,
  • share your three favorite tools?"
  • "What is your favorite shoe brand?"
  • "How was your day in one word?"

Offer something for free and ask for a like in return

If you are a graphic designer, you can offer a free PowerPoint template.

If you are an SEO expert, you can offer a free checklist of things to keep in mind when writing content.

Make something so valuable that people save it for later in Facebook

Make something that is valuable that will make people engage much more. That goes for anything you do.

Ask people to share to get something for free

Don't make it sound like a competition, but tell them that they will get something for free.
Then imply that sharing is a good idea, but without requiring them to do it.

Use basic human psychology as an inspiration for what language to use.

The posts that are most likely to get interactions are the ones that hit any of these points:

  • The post is controversial
  • The post is funny
  • The post is inspirational
  • The post is helpful

Evaluate whether your post has viral potential

Do you think that the post could help people become healthy, wealthy, or wise?

Those three topics are typically what people worry about across age groups, genders, and cultures.

If you share tips on any one of the topics, it will be a bonus.

Upload Videos to Facebook, not Youtube

Upload your video content directly to Facebook instead of linking to Youtube. Facebook prefer keeping their users on their own platform versus, sending them to Youtube. That makes sense. Furthermore, if you post a video from a page, you will be able to target ads at people who watched certain percentages of the video.

Mention 1 or 2 relevant people

Ask for their opinion or give them credit for doing something good.

This can be powerful as you might bring in their social circle as well.

However, some people overuse this and easily look a bit spammy.

So, don't overuse it. These "popular" people often get bombarded with notifications already.

Do the opposite of what everyone else does

Take a look at what other people are doing in your newsfeed today.

Stand out to catch people's attention.

  • Do/don't use emojis
  • Do/don't use images
  • Do/don't use high-quality studio images
  • Do/don't use personal phone images for an authentic feel
  • Do/don't use images with people
  • Do/don't use video

Want to promote a link?

If you have a link it can be a good idea to leave it in the first comment. And if you do, please remember to mention that in the text of the post

Why? Because Facebook will treat your post as a "text post" versus a "link post" that links to an external source (Facebook want people to spend time on Facebook not somewhere else).

Tell people to look for the link in the first comment.

They will click the button to see more comments.

This will tell Facebook that the thread of comments is "interesting".

Protip: Write about their interests

How much do you know about the people who like your content?

Facebook has this cool feature where you can see interesting insights about who likes your Facebook page.

For example you can see information like age, gender, and interests.

This is very useful when you write your posts because it allows you to relate to your audience and their interests.

Also if you run a contest, you can figure out what sort of rewards will work best with your audience.

If many of the people who likes your page also like a specific music artist, mayb you should run a contest offering concert tickets.

Could also be people who like Xiaomi, then maybe Xiaomi gadgets would be a good idea for a contest.

The same is true if you want to make more efficient use of remarketing.

If someone visits your website and you have a Facebook pixel installed, you can make a custom audience based on all those visitors.

To market to this audience on Facebook all you have to do is to pick the audience as the targeting.

For the ad content, you can use what you learned about your audience as inspiration.

For example, the people who visit my website ( seem to be interested in:

  • TED
  • I fucking love science
  • TechCrunch
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Humans of New York

Go here to learn about your audiences:

If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it with someone else who is making content for Facebook.

Have a great day.

Cheers Kim


This article started out as a Facebook post, sharing my own learnings.

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