5 Tips for Selling more in your Online Shop

So, you set up a website and upload all your products and write SEO-awesome product descriptions. You post the link to your website on BetaList, ProductHunt, and Reddit. You write a…
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The interest for growth hacking keeps increasing

Growth hacking marketing Since 2010, when Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacker" the field has gained a lot of interest. This can clearly be seen in this graph of google searches…
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Simple Content Marketing Ideas - One Rule, Add Value

You can gain a social media following without having to post, create, or share pointless, stupid, or trendy things. Here is how to drive real engagement with your business. You…
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What is Growth Hacking?

What does Growth Hacking Mean? Growth Hacking Means Amplifying the Outcome of Your Efforts There is a common misunderstanding that Growth Hacking will solve all of a startup’s problems and…
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Everybody Wants Success, but What Is It?

We all want a successful life, career, and startup, but most of us don’t really think about what success means to us. If you ask a startup founder if he…
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Why Having Cake at the Office Kills Innovation

...And How Electrocuting Yourself Makes You More Productive TL;DR The cognitive effort you have to put into saying no to cake can kill your ability to innovate and most probable…
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Design your own future

Take risks and get the life you deserve I would like to remind you a thing, I keep reminding myself and the people I’m surrounded by. That you have great…
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