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Ultimate Facebook Targeting Options Reference

This reference was last updated 1st of April 2018.   Are you doing facebook marketing then you have come to the right place. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. This makes facebook advertising a great starting point when you want to...

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How Startup Founders Can Make Success Inevitable!

Thursday, 11:52 AM April 6, 2017 Dear Reader I just finished my breakfast an hour ago. I know it is late, but today I did something different. This morning I went for a morning run. Why did I do that? Well, last night I read all 25 chapters of the Boron Letters. What...

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Why I built my own Twitter automation tool

I’m sure you’ve tried growing a social media audience for your company or for yourself. So you know how time-consuming it can be. Often it is also just a lot of repetitive and boring work that you don’t really care about doing. This is how I feel at least. What I do...

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The interest for growth hacking keeps increasing

Growth hacking marketing Since 2010, when Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacker" the field has gained a lot of interest. This can clearly be seen in this graph of google searches for "growth hacker".   It seems like especially France, have a great interest in...

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Gain a social media following for your business

You can gain a social media following without having to post, create, or share pointless, stupid, or trendy things. Here is how to drive real engagement with your business. You get real engagement when you create value in people's lives. Think about what sort of...

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What is Growth Hacking?

What does Growth Hacking Mean? Growth Hacking Means Amplifying the Outcome of Your Efforts There is a common misunderstanding that Growth Hacking will solve all of a startup’s problems and will generate rapid growth and revenue. This is far from the truth in most...

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Everybody Wants Success, but What Is It?

We all want a successful life, career, and startup, but most of us don’t really think about what success means to us. If you ask a startup founder if he will be successful, he will, of course, say YES. If he didn’t believe he would have success, why would he be...

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Why Having Cake at the Office Kills Innovation

And How Electrocuting Yourself Makes You More Productive A few days ago I was browsing Product Hunt like I do every day. I came across this product It is a device you put around your wrist that can give you electric shocks....

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Design your own future

Take risks and get the life you deserve I would like to remind you a thing, I keep reminding myself and the people I’m surrounded by. That you have great influence on how your future is going to be. You can, to a great extent, design your own future life. Where do you...

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