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I enjoy experimenting with different marketing tools and techniques. Since I have 10 years experience with programming, I can play around with some comprehensive scripts. This makes it even more fun.

On this page I am sharing some of the scripts I have made with you.

If you represent a business and wonder how you can put your marketing efforts on autopilot, please reach out.

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Automatic posting on Twitter when you recommend a post on Medium.
What makes it unique though, is that it scrapes for the authors username as well as the articles’s tags.
This makes the tweets extremely targeted.

Furthermore the tool allows for unlimited tweet templates, that is picked randomly before posting. The final result looks super personalised and reaches both the author and a bigger relevant audience based on the tags.

I also have a Youtube edition, that posts when you like youtube videos. This version is however not cleaned and polished, so reach out to me for the specific version.

Auto liking on Instagram

This snippet of JavaScript can like images for you. All you have to do is, search for a tag on

Open the developer console in Chrome and paste in a piece of code and hit enter.

There is a more thorough explanation, when you visit the link.

Google Business Review direct link generator

This tool makes it super easy to generate a direct link for both a list view of you Google Business ratings as well as a link to a “create new rating” view.

Just make a copy to your own Google Drive.


This is an extension for React Native. It enables developers to extend their iOS and Android apps with Facebook and Twitter sharing features.

Deprecated tools ☠️


This tool no longer works due to the changes in Instagrams API policy.

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